The Wire Hoods Art

     W ire hoods are essential for properly sealing corked bottles of cava, Champagne, sparkling wine or cider, beer, and other carbonated beverages.  The twisted wire secures the cork to the glass lip of the bottle for safety.  Also, once the wire has been removed, it cannot be replaced, and thus discourages tampering. 

The wire hood is the final step in a long production process, ensuring the success of parties and celebrations — at least that's how the manufacturers see it.  However, I have found another use.  With this gallery I intend simply to show my work to anyone who is interested in this kind of craft.

Like others, I started out bending the wires to form typical figures like giraffes or chairs.  Then one day I saw a more unusual figure of a dog made from a wire hood, and my imagination was unleashed.  I thought the dog was great, but could be improved.  Thus I was inspired to begin my own creations, resulting in what you see here.                        

Joan Carbó